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Thermostat – Buying Guide, Reviews and Reviews in 2017


The most efficient way to heat our home is by using a thermostat. Although there are still manual thermostats, in this case we recommend the latest technology that allows to be programmed and have a screen that indicates the temperature of the home, if we are looking for a thermostat of this type it is necessary to check what the programming possibilities (weekly, daily Or weekends) and compare these data with the particular needs of each household. Some of the best ones are wirelessly programmable from a mobile device, which is a great advantage. After reviewing many models and the opinions of the users we have found that the Nest Learning T200677 , which does not need great intervention by the user but is self-programmable, being able to learn the schedules in a week. Another good option is the Netatmo NTH01-EN-EU , which although it has a more accessible price does not stop fulfilling its function, can be regulated wirelessly and adapts automatically.



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What is the best thermostat on the market?


If you are thinking of buying a thermostat, we will help you with this purpose and prevent your purchase from being completely satisfactory. Which thermostat is the best? Too many models abound on the market. On many occasions, we risk buying the cheapest thermostat , and at other times they function as promised. That’s why this thermostat comparison is for you.



Buying Guide


Manual and programmable

We enter into the field of types of thermostats to look for. How much a thermostat costs will depend on our choice between the manuals and the most modern programmable. What difference there are? Well, it’s simple enough. For starters, both types work with varieties of gas, oil or electricity. The older and manuals incorporate mercury in its structure. But let’s define the characteristics of the two types mentioned above.

Manual thermostats are typically found in homes for life or new ones. Their controls are simple and the devices are usually quite cheap. Given the evolution of appliances with energy saving functions, these manual thermostats may not exploit this feature as efficiently as the new models. But after all they are easy to use and fulfill their purpose perfectly.

On the other hand, we find the programmable thermostats. As the name implies, these thermostats offer us the opportunity to set the temperature we want throughout the day as well as to save energy in a more efficient way. Some of them can even be configured to keep in mind the changes in the seasons. Unlike manuals, some of the new models no longer come with mercury.


The air conditioning of your house

Now that we have the marked difference between both types of thermostat, we have to take the next step and identify the heating and cooling system of your home. When we buy our thermostat, we have the option to choose the compatibility with your HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning in Spanish). We can identify several compatibilities for the heating or cooling of your house.

We have to look at whether we are going to use it in areas where we have separate and independent heating and air conditioning units, whether these units have high and low speeds, if it operates with direct line voltage (110-240 V) common in older homes, if Works with 24mV for use with a fireplace, on floors or wall furniture, or if your HVAC is individually controlled in different areas of your home. All this can be a bit of a mess, but we recommend that before buying a thermostat you define well where you are going to locate it and how you are going to use it through these concepts.


Your preferences and functions

Now that we have thought the type of thermostat that will be and the place where we want to locate it, we will break down a little programmable thermostats. Some of them do not even need to be configured once they are installed. But when programming, we have four basic options: uniform programming for 7 days, programming to differentiate working days and times where you are most at home, separation of programming between weekends and workday and daily programming differentiated. There are many graphs on the internet to adjust your thermostat to the millimeter and save energy all week.


Guide thermostat

What other functions are we in this type of thermostats? Convenience functions such as vacation mode, numeric keypad lock, remote control, touch screen, indicator lights … Even some offer the opportunity to make a backup and thus save you the trouble of reconfiguring the whole network of temperatures That you have thought so much and avoid to do it again after, for example, a cut of light.

So in short, before buying a thermostat we have to think about where we are going to locate it and what type of air conditioning has or will have our house, after that everything is a matter of choosing between manual and programmable. The programmable ones offer a greater variety of options and comforts. We analyze more conscientiously the spaces of our house for the energy saving and optimum air conditioning, and then we enter in the world of the different characteristics that incorporate. We hope to have helped you with this guide to buy the best thermostat possible and suitable to your needs. Follow below to find more products and make your purchase easier.


What is the best thermostat of 2017?


The thermostat is a mechanism that adapts to temperature adjustment equipment (air conditioners, boilers, among others) to control and adjust the temperature of our home, due to its importance is that we bring to you the best thermostats of 2017, chosen By the netizens so that you can acquire the most optimum of the market:


Recommended Products


Nest Learning T200677

1.Nest Learning T200677

Main advantage

The programming of this thermostat can be done through your cellular device, computer, or tablet, so you will not have to move from wherever you are to control it.


Main disadvantage

The only disadvantage of this thermostat is that it does not have a manual with instructions in Spanish, so you should do a search through the internet to access a translated manual.


Verdict: 9.9 / 10

The Nest Learning T200677 thermostat is a device that integrates current technology and which comes in a rather simple and modern design, allowing you to enjoy its functions through a remote control.

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Control and Auto-Way

The best thing about this thermostat is that you can control it by means of a remote control, this means that you will have the opportunity to do it through a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, you just have to download the official application of the brand Nest and Monitor different tasks, without having to be close to the thermostat for it.

The auto-way function is one of the most attractive features of this thermostat because you will have access to the programming of the device, which means that you can program it to turn it off after a time interval automatically , Even if you are not in the house, this way you will be ensuring that no problems will arise, nor accidents that endanger your assets, while you are not near the device.

3.Nest Learning T200677


Operation and control

This appliance can be used with almost any type of heating, which in addition to allowing you to save time in the search for a device that is compatible with the type of heating you use, promises you a fully versatile thermostat, works with gas, gas, And many others. The only thing you should have is your respective relay for proper installation of the thermostat.

It should be clear that the thermostat is for use as a heater, not a device as a conditioner, so it is important to inquire about it before proceeding to purchase it.

As for the control of this thermostat, you will have the opportunity to follow up on this device, so you will have the option to monitor its temperature, also you can monitor the energy that is used by the thermostat and in this way know how much you save.


Design and installation

The design of this thermostat is simple but with a modern touch, so you will have an artifact that you can easily locate within the spaces of your home, without deteriorating the atmosphere of it, its presentation comes in two colors: black and gray.

As for the installation of the same, it is easy to carry out, not only because it is a very light device, since it has only 998 grams in weight and dimensions of 16.6 x 16.6 x 11 centimeters, making This device is very practical, but because many of its customers so review.

In case you present problems with the installation of this thermostat you have the option to enter the web and look for tutorials on how to do its correct installation.


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Netatmo NTH01-EN-EU 


2This state-of-the-art model has an attractive, customizable design with 5 different colored adhesives to harmonize with your home decor. You can control it through your Smartphone by downloading its exclusive application from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone so you can adjust the temperature to your liking from the comfort of your armchair.

Technology has driven us to constant innovation and you should not be left behind so nothing better than being able to control the temperature of your entire home through your phone. In addition to everything, its compact size achieves that it can be installed where it suits you best whether you want it to look or hide behind a curtain, whatever, this model is guaranteed your satisfaction.

If for your budget you need the best thermostat for 175 euros, then you have to know that the Netatmo NTH01-EN-EU may be what you are looking for. Check it out below:



Command: Like the previous model, you can configure it from your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or even from your computer because it supports WiFi networks. Also, you can use the phone of your choice because it works with Android, Apple devices such as Ipad, Iphone, Ipod and, if that were not enough, works with Windows Phone. It should also be mentioned that you have a free application on the App Store and Google Play.

Monitoring: A plus for this equipment is that it can also monitor the temperature of your home and regulate its use, in fact, is able to do so while you are not in your home and / or any space in which you are, performing An energy saving of up to 25% while being used.

Use: Like the previous model, it can be used with gas, gas or even heat pumps.

Battery: This model uses batteries, they are included with the equipment and have a duration of one year, so you will not have to make extra expenses during the first year of use.



Connection : Users allege that it has become complicated to make the relevant configuration between the thermostat and the mobile App, however, this is not impossible. In addition, the instructions in the box come only in the French language.



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Honeywell THR840DBG 


3If you are interested in purchasing the best thermostat that is simple to install and use, this could be for you. This model manufactured by Honeywell, is within the ecological category since it is able to determine the exact time to fulfill its function and avoid unnecessary energy expenditure, saving for you and the environment.

Its control panel accompanied by a comfortable screen allows you to visualize the exact temperature of the room as well as to set the temperature that can go from 5 ° C to 35 ° C whatever your preference and taste.

This device can be adapted and installed in any type of boiler and air conditioning. Do not think twice and get one of the best thermostat options for your home!

The Honeywell brand is also well-known in terms of thermostats, so it is not surprising that it is on this list. However, if you are interested in your Honeywell THR840DBG, we suggest you check their features before making a final decision.



Control: Thanks to this thermostat, you will not only be limited to heating, but you can also regulate the area and cool it between temperatures ranging from 5 ° C to 35 ° C. In addition, it controls the consumption that is done with the heating.

Installation: Users have let know that the installation of this model makes Honeywell very simple, so you can do it in minutes and without the need for professional help.

Screen: Another point in favor is that it has an LCD screen through which you can observe the temperature in which the thermostat is and be aware of the level of heat / cold in a room.



Manual: One of the biggest failures of this model is that the instruction manual is available in several languages, except Spanish, which makes it difficult to read. However, you can search for this manual on the web.

Command: It is not a computer that has Wi-Fi compatibility, so it can not be used with any smartphone or application in particular, it is configurable only by your device.



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HQ TH40 


5The HQ TH41 is the best price-quality thermostat as it is very simple to install and has a blue-illuminated LCD touch screen, which can be turned off if you wish, so you can control the temperature settings of your home from a simple interface And intuitive that gives you the ability to visualize the temperature in C ° or F °.

It has the advantage of being able to program up to 4 periods of temperature a day that can be adjusted to adapt to the weekends, all this designed for your comfort and satisfaction. It is very light and small so that you can install it wherever you want and it is adaptable to almost all existing models of boilers and cooling systems.

The price of this equipment compared to that of the previous products makes it the best of the competition and its effectiveness has surprised the users.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the HQ TH40, one of the cheapest thermostats in the networks:



LCD screen: One of the points in favor of this equipment is that it has a touch screen, which has a blue backlight that can be activated and deactivated to observe the temperature of the room. In addition, with it you control all the settings and details of the thermostat.

Configuration: It has four temperatures in which you can program this model during the day and week, that is, you can have the temperature of your preference without having to program the equipment every time.

Batteries: It is not a model that requires batteries, thanks to which you will not have to make extra expenses acquiring the same, also avoiding that the equipment runs out of energy at any moment.



Command: As a counterpoint, you will find that it has no remote control, ie its use is clearly with the screen.

Programming: On the other hand, the users claim that it is quite complicated to carry out the programming of the equipment, having so many variables and options.



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Momit Smart 


1.Momit SmartNothing better to calibrate the temperature of your home than having at hand the best thermostat that the market could offer you. We have this incredible option for Momit: your Smart thermostat.

The highlight of this thermostat is its incredible design with a simple interface that allows you to visualize the exact temperature of the environment through its information screen. It has a motion sensor that will allow you to activate as soon as you detect your presence, which also allows you to regulate the temperature to save energy when you are not at home.

One of the most incredible details of this model is that it is a smart thermostat so, through the special application of Momit, you can access all the functions and monitor the performance of your thermostat through your smartphone, tablet or Pc. Do not hesitate, buy one of the best thermostats on the market!

Also, if you are still wondering which thermostat to buy, we present the specifications of this model Momit Smart.



Use of energy: It has a presence detector, which is able to reduce the use of the energy that is being used, thus making a saving of consumption, because it detects when people are present around it and in this way Carry out the savings, even is able to turn off the heating by itself automatically.

Use: Not only is it able to control the heating of your home, but you can also regulate the use of air conditioning, becoming very functional for these aspects.

Command: Like the previous models in the list, it is possible to control this model from a distance through Wi-Fi and with the corresponding application of Green Momit, through smartphones, tablets and computers. Seize it!



Connectivity: It should be mentioned that users detailed problems of connectivity between the application and the thermostat, because it takes time to recognize it.

Screen: Even if you have this visual indicator to see the energy savings, it does not have more personalization functions, therefore, users ask for more availability of “skins” to be able to customize it to their liking.



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Nest Learning T200677 


The best thermostatsThis attractive model may be the best thermostat for you! It has a minimalist design that adapts to the most modern homes adding a special touch to your decor or can also go unnoticed if you wish.

Its different auto-programmable functions will facilitate the task of adjusting the temperature of your home automatically since this device “learns” the schedules for its adjustment and is able to turn off only when you are not at home to save on energy, which you will see reflected On your consumer bill.

You can adjust the temperature through your Smartphone by downloading the official application of Nest and perform these tasks without even having to get up from your bed or sofa. You can also monitor your monthly energy consumption thanks to its integrated system. Without a doubt, an excellent choice in thermostats that besides all, is leader in handling and technology.

If you are in search of greater and more complete information on the best thermostat of the moment, as recommended by the users of the Nest Learning T200677, then we invite you to review its specifications:



Remote control: You can control this model of thermostat from your cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Is not it great? You can program it without having to move.

Auto-Way: With this option it is possible to program the thermostat so that it turns off automatically in a certain time even if you are not, thus avoiding unexpected accidents.

Use: It works with all types of heating, whether gas, gas, or other, as long as it contains the proper relay for installation. Also, it must be taken into consideration that this thermostat is heating and not use for conditioning.

Monitoring: A favorable point for this device is that it is able to monitor the temperature, ie monitor it and, if that were not enough, also carries out a monitoring of the energy used to Saving energy, which is one of the reasons why Nest is considered the best brand of thermostats today.

Installation: Users claim that it is easy to install, and you can do it yourself without having more knowledge about this type of artifact. In fact, there are several online tutorials on how to complete the task in a simple way.



Manual: The only disadvantage of this equipment is that its instruction manual does not come in Spanish, but in Dutch and French, making it impossible to read.



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These products used to be among the most recommended, but are now no longer available


Elro KT100


4If you are looking for the best cheap thermostats with simple interface and very easy to install, this model is the right one for you. Elro KT100 can be installed and adapted to virtually any heating or cooling system you own in your home as well as can be dismantled if you come to move. This complete device has 9 programs daily so you can personalize its operation based on your taste and good feeling.

It also includes a special configuration for the holiday season in which you probably will not be at home, thus saving on energy and electricity bills. Thanks to its easy installation, you will not need specific knowledge, manual complexes or special tools to start enjoying your thermostat.




The most popular brands


Whether you’re looking for an analog, digital, wired or wireless thermostat, we know it’s not easy to decide on the number of models available. That is why we have compared the characteristics of some of the best products with the comments that we find on the Internet. Now we are ready to analyze some of the most recognized brands, among which we have Honeywell, Nest and Netatmo.



This multinational was born in the United States in 1885 and is currently engaged in the development of consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems. Very well known throughout the world for its desire to achieve a more efficient and sustainable energy consumption over time.

Among its products are thermostats, which are best known for domestic use, but also produces controls for radiators, radiofrequency systems, hydraulic accessories for solar energy systems, among other products.

Honeywell is currently a merger with AlliedSignal, although it still retains its original name from co-founder Mark C. Honeywell. The company is known in the business world for the implementation of Six Sigma Plus, a production method that reduces errors, improves the time cycle and reduces costs, which has had good results for this company. In addition, it has its own research laboratory in India, where flight control systems are created.

The thermostats that were the beginning of this important multinational, are still some of the best in the market, so many users choose this brand when it comes to controlling the temperature of their heating systems.



This is an American brand dedicated to home automation, that is, to the development of systems to automate housing. Among its main products in the current catalog are the smart thermostats that are able to turn off the heating when it detects that you have left the house and can be configured from the Smartphone.

This company was founded in 2010, and among its products are detectors of smoke and carbon monoxide and security cameras, in addition to said thermostats. These products are advanced technology and connect to computers or mobile phones through WiFi network.

The main advantage of Nest thermostats is that they have been specially designed to learn the particular habits of each household, such as the time at which the heating is switched on, the time at which it shuts off and is always ready to adapt to the changes. Since 2014 Nest is part of the multinational company Google.



The brand Netatmo was born in 2011 and is dedicated to consumer electronics, especially in connecting objects to automate systems. At the moment it produces thermostats, meteorological stations and cameras, all with intelligent systems of last generation.

Their cameras are able to detect and warn the Smartphone if someone is hanging around the house, if the dog has stayed in the garden or if a vehicle has entered the house. It also has cameras for the interior of the house with facial recognition.

Netatmo weather stations are complete systems that control the environment by optimizing comfort in the home. These devices connect to the smartphone and advise when it is necessary to ventilate the room to reduce the risk of contamination, since it has a CO2 sensor. As for the temperature, humidity and quality of outdoor air, they have an external module that gives all the necessary information, so that you take your forecasts before leaving.

As for the Netamos thermostats, they have a good reputation among the users who have bought them, which ensure that they are practical, simple and very useful.



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